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Thuja 'Green Giant'

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Thuja Green Giant (4-5 Foot Tall 3 Gallon Pot) 2- 3 feet (3 gallon pot) - 3 years old.

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Thuja Green Giant (2-4 Foot Tall. Shipped in 1 Gallon Pot) 15 inches-3 feet (1 Gallon Pot) - 2 years old

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Thuja Green Giant 2.5 inch Pot about 8"-2 feet (3" pot) -1 year old.

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The Thuja 'Green Giant' grows extremely quickly growing up to 3-5 feet per year.  It's a hardy plant that works in many locations.  If you have neighbors you want to block out the Thuja 'Green Giant' is the privacy tree of choice. Many people also use it to reduce noise and wind.

    Thuja Green Giant recommended planting zone map
    Thuja Green Giant Trees

Product Description

Updated: February 20th, 2014.

Thuja 'Green Giant' Information

Thuja 'Green Giant' Trees are great for creating a privacy fence or making a property line. Simply plant them 5 feet apart and you'll quickly have a natural privacy fence. Thuja's are great for zones: 5,6,7,8.

This privacy plant helps block out eye-sores, neighbors, street noise. Don't be fooled, this is the real Thuja 'Green Giant' that grows up to 5 feet per year! The Thuja 'Green Giant' is a hybrid cross between Thuja plicata and Thuja Standishii Arborvitae. If you want this plant for privacy we recommend spacing the trees 5 feet apart this will insure they grow together while maintaing a healthy habitat for the trees. For more planting information read our Thuja 'Green Giant' planting spacing and planting instructions.

The best time to plant Thuja 'Green Giant's is during the spring but many zones can plant in the fall as well. Hardiness is an important factor of any plant purchase; Thuja 'Green Giant' are known for being very hardy plants. 

How your plants will be shipped via UPS.

Recommended planting zones for Thuja 'Green Giant' Arborvitae Trees.

We recommend that gardeners look at our planting instructions for the Thuja 'Green Giant's if you are interested in using them for a live privacy fence or natural privacy barrier.

Don't just take our word for it. We sell quality trees.

"I have made five different purchases,that's 46 trees and 20 hedges, and every order is packaged with care, the plants always look great and I have never seen root systems as good as these.If I have a question it is answered quickly and is very helpful.I will order again and I recommend to all my friends." Ted (9/26/11)

"The plants are a good size and look very healthy." Bill (9/22/11)

"I got my 'Green Giant's from this company 3 yrs ago. Over 100 of them and only lost 1. They are doing wonderful over 9 ft. tall now. This company had the best price and their service was great. It was my 1st internet order and I was a little (real) leery of what might happen. Talked to your dad on the phone and he assured me everything would be o.k. Tell all my friends that I got them over the internet and they are amazed!! THANK YOU ANYTHING GREEN for being so honest. (Posted on 8/19/09)"

"Very satisfied! The Thuja 'Green Giant’ look healthy and are doing well. I bought some from you last year, too, that are healthy and beautiful! Thank you! (Posted on 11/9/09)"

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Links: Thuja 'Green Giant' listed as a good alternative to Leyland Cypress Trees. information on Thuja 'Green Giant's

7 years of shipping Thuja 'Green Giant's.

Dear customer,

I'm glad to see you are interested in our Thuja ‘Green Giant'. We strive to offer the best plant at the best price and and we will be glad to add you to our list of thousands of happy customers.

Thanks, John Brooks Pounders Owner,

Planting Instructions

Thuja Green Giant Spacing

Thuja Green Giants typically grow to be about 10-12 feet wide at maturity. Most people use Green Giants as a privacy screen.

Single Row Spacing

To acheive a quick privacy screen plant your trees 5 feet apart. This is the healthiest space to acheive quick privacy. Planting any closer could be unhealthy for the plants as they grow together.

Thuja Green Giant Spacing.  Single Row.
Example of Thuja Green Giant Single Row Spacing.

Staggered Row Spacing

Many homeowners want to create very quick privacy so they plant their trees closer together. This is unhealthy for the plants as it causes over crowding. If you have enough space you can get the same effect but without the side effects of planting too close together. Simply plant two rows of trees and stagger the rows. We recommend 8 feet between each plant and 4 feet between rows but you can experiment with this. Just makes sure that each tree is 5 feet away from another.
Thuja Green Giant Spacing in Staggered Row
Example of Thuja Green Giant Staggered Row Spacing.

How to Plant your Thuja Green Giants

  1. Dig hole about 2 inches wider and deeper than rootball of your plant.
  2. Place plant in hole a fill in with soil.  Some soils e.g. clay will need potting soil or fine mulch mixed in.
  3. Sprinkle one tablespoon of lime around the drip line of the tree.
  4. Water until soil is saturated; then gently apply pressure around the tree to make the mud "squish" around the plant.
  5. Carefully follow fertilizer instructions from figure below.
  6. Lightly mulch around tree.
Fertilizing instructions:

Find a slow release fertilizer marked with the numbers 14-7-7.  Sometimes this is marked as Azalea Food.

If you cannot find 14-7-7 find a slow release with less than 19% or less Nitrogen and half the amount of phosphates and Soluble Potash.

Fertilize your plants only 3 times a year.  

Best dates to fertilize are March 31,  June 30, and September 30.

Sprinkle around drip line of tree (DO NOT MIX IN SOIL):

2.5" Potted Tree
1 Gallon Tree
3 Gallon Tree

Additional Information

Mature Height (ft) 25
Mature Width (ft) 10
Scientific Name Thuja (standishii x plicata) 'Green Giant'
Growth Rate 2-3 feet per year.
Light Needed Partial to Full
Recommended Spacing 5 Feet
Cultivar No
Family No
Genus No
Recommended Zone 5, 6, 7, 8, 9


Thuja 'Green Giant'
Nice trees, good prices and outstanding customer support Review by Ray
I ordered Thuja Green Giant in the 1 Gal.Pots to create a hedge row on our property line. The trees arrived 10 in each box and was very impressed at how nice they looked..I am hopeful that they all grow well in their new home. About the customer service - not all of the trees shipped as requested and after working with support to resolve the issue I can only say good things about the folks at AnythingGreen. They will do right by you. I will be buying more from them in the years to com. (Posted on 5/29/2014)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
Perfect!!! Review by Ashley
20 trees arrived today. Speedy delivery. Plants are all bigger than expected. Great condition. Moist. Good root system. New green growth on trees. Packed very neatly. If they fail in the ground I can only assume it would be secondary to faulty planting and lack of TLC on my behalf. Thank you for a wonderful product. Would highly recommend this company and product! (Posted on 5/2/2014)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
Brought 20 trees so far, 10 - 3 years ago and 10 last spring and all are doing great! Review by Tree Mongrel
I bought 10 Thuga's in the 1 gallon pots back in 2008 and all are doing great and most are over 8 feet high already in 4 years and seem to be really taking off now! I just planted 10 more Thuga's in the 3 gallon pots last spring and they are all doing fine so far even in the really dry hot summer. I'm watering as needed which I think is important the first two years. I'm planning on ordering 20 more for planting this fall. I live in southern Michigan and these trees hold up great to our 3-4 foot snow storms we have here. Other trees buckled from a wet snow storm last winter and were ruined, but the Thuga's were not affected at all! These trees make a great privacy fence and have a terrific smell! thanks wrp. (Posted on 8/2/2012)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
Very Pleased Review by Joe
I had ordered these trees and figured I had some prep time before I would receive them. Well better have shovel in hand when you order. Very Pleased with the care that was taken when I had opened the box, it was 90 degrees the day they had shown up and they had plenty of moisture on the roots. Thanks look beautiful (Posted on 5/22/2012)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
Nice! Review by Debby
I ordered 101 1 yr old Thuja Green Giants in 3 inch pots for my west fence line. I received them within a week. They arrived in 2 boxes - happy and healthy. Most were 2 feet tall and all of the little pots were packed with healthy roots.
That was about 2 weeks ago. 76 are now planted in Texas Panhandle red clay soil. The wind has been terrible and the ground dries quickly. My new trees don't seem to mind. I noticed today while watering them, their branches are starting to spread out. They still look great. I even saw deer tracks by a few of them - and the trees were still are there. More good news since the deer around here eat just about everything.
(Posted on 4/25/2012)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
so far so good Review by jb
I received the trees quickly and they were all healthy, nicely done. I hope to reply again in a couple years to tell how they perform. (Posted on 4/17/2012)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
wonderful Review by Charlie
Excellent service packaged very well.The plants we're nice and green and biger than expected. Thank you will buy again. (Posted on 4/16/2012)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
Very satisfied with your product. Review by Bob
I ordered 101 Green Giant seedlings in three inch pots. The trees were shipped on time at my pre-choosen date. They arrived healthy, moist, and ready to plant. The trees were priced right and a perfect fit for my application. I am very satisfied with this experience. (Posted on 4/14/2012)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
only 2 feet tall after 3 years Review by john r.
Had planted 3 years ago, they have hardly grown. Get very yellow/brown every August. It may be the clay soil in my area, but I am dissatisfied with the purchase and growth of the trees. (Posted on 3/12/2012)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
Great buy Review by uptownNY
They arrived well packaged. Planted thujas Spring 2011, so far none died. Happy with our purchase. (Posted on 9/29/2011)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
Very satisfied Review by Bonnie
I just received 15 trees. They arrived in excellent shape. I followed planting instructions and so far so good, even though the coolest day since they were planted has been about 96 degrees. They're not planted close to the house so I haul gallon water jugs by car. If these still look good in ten more days, I'll order 15 more. I need a quick privacy hedge and these will work perfectly. I read other reviews before I placed my order and now I'm a very satisfied customer in Hot Georgia. (Posted on 6/2/2011)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
Wonderful plant, unbeatable prices! Review by maminyanga
Thank you so much. I only wish I found your company earlier. My plants arrived well packaged and looking as fresh as any green veg. The size was just what i expected and I am absolutely satisfied with all of them. I planted them as prescibed and just waiting to see them sprout out yearly. I will definately come back for more soon. Thanks again for your great service. (Posted on 5/31/2011)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
Most inexpensive and best condition and value for thujas green giants! Review by Christa
I wnated to purchase thuja green giants as a privacy screen but did not want to spend a lot of money of possible. I did a lot of research and even the smallest thujas were well beyond my budget. I was shocked to find this site and was skeptical at first, but I figured I had nothing to lose because the investment for 20 trees could have been the cost of one big one somewhere else. I received the shipment in a couple of weeks and they are small (which is what I ordered), but they are in perfect condition. They were moist and packed neatly in one box which made it easy for me to unpack. This company is very professional and rare. I still can't belive the great cost, so I decided to place another order of 9 more to complete the screen. I look forward to watching these grow. Thanks so much!!! Order before they are sold out! (Posted on 5/10/2011)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
Great trees! Review by Jeremy
These arrived quick! They were well packaged, the soil was very moist and the trees were very green. I have yet to put these into the ground and I will update the status of these after the season.
I ordered 16 of these from another company last year and half of them survived. It was my fault and not theirs. I live in Arkansas and they were deprived of water for a few days during the hottest time of the summer. Please keep these watered until they are well established!! (Posted on 3/29/2011)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
LOVE THEM!!! Review by Rachel
Arrived in excellent condition and there were shipped great as well. I have ordered lots of plants online and these are by far the best quality especially for the price. THANKS AGAIN!!! (Posted on 3/24/2011)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
Trees are going strong Review by Custom Cutlery
I bought 12 of the green giant thuya trees to plant for a quick privacy barrier for my nosey neighbors.

They were shipped very well and I planted them this spring and now just months later I can see some signs of growth.

100% satisfied and planning on ordering 150 emerald greens later this summer for another barrier at another property or ours.

It is nice doing business with a great company like (Posted on 7/16/2010)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
Hearty, Hearty, Hearty Trees Review by Gary
With what these trees have been through I can't beleave they are still alive. Got my order of 30 trees in mid april, they looked great when I got them. after getting them in the ground the old northern Michigan spring went on a roller coaster ride. These trees were hit with 5 very hard frost's and about 10 times winds 40 - 50 mph. I had 8 that were not looking good, got real brown I was ready to pull them my wife said leave them and see if they can be saved well they are greening back up. They have been in the ground for 8 weeks and a few have grown about 6 in. I will be buying more from Anything next spring... (Posted on 6/13/2010)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
Mildy impressed Review by Sean
I ordered appx 40 of these trees and as of this writing....only half are still alive. The ones that are alive seem to be doing well and have already put on growth this spring. The others have already died. I followed the planting instructions, fertilized as directed, and watered religeously. I have my doubts as to how well this tree would grow for someone that just wanted to plant it and watch it grow (Posted on 6/8/2010)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
good Review by mikej
ordered 201 green giants. 50% were completely rooted, 30% were maybe 1/3 of the way rooted it was a challenge to even hold the potting soil together when transplanting to the yard, and the other 20% were middle ground. they also seemed to be packed really tight so much so that it forced the tree to one side of the pot in most cases breaking the first roots at the base of the trunk. also on the day they were supposed to arrive my delivery date was pushed back three days. on a good note i thought the delivery time was reasonable, all the trees seem to be doing good, the prices beat anyone else on the internet, i would defiantly order from them again, and I've already recommended them to several people. on the web site when you click on thuja green giants an scroll down it says "I'm glad to see you are interested in our Leyland Cypress Trees." i think it's just an error but it's kind of confusing. (Posted on 6/1/2010)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
very satisfied Review by sm in New Mexico
My trees arrived fresh, healthy and beautiful and in pots just like you promised. I look forward to nest spring to order 10 more. (Posted on 5/10/2010)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
These trees have not flourished as expected Review by Willis
I planted more than 250 of these trees aroudn a pond to form a wind barrier. They grew beautifully and were flourishing with only 1 or 2 dead at the end of the first fall. They had plenty of water all year.

The winter was harsh in Norhtern IL for the first time in years and we had windy -16F a few days. Every single tree turned totally brown and in the spring I assumed they were all dead. However, every single tree came back to life and the brown turned green. However, there has been very little growth, presumably as a result of just trying to survive. I am nervously waiting to see what happens this winter and to see if they start their famous growth next year. (Posted on 12/3/2009)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
Happy tree planter. Review by David in Va.
Trees were shipped promptly and packaged well. They were very healthy and green. All 100 of them had excellent roots. (Posted on 12/1/2009)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
Great trees from a great company Review by J.C.
I have just ordered 40 more Green Giants from this great source. All of my other 80 plus trees have thrived in our "colder" climate in mid-Michigan. The growth rate has averaged four feet per year with basic fertilizing the first growth year and watering from then on. just keep them well watered. With a very heavy deer population none of these trees have been bothered. Thank you Anythinggreen for helping me build my dream home. (Posted on 11/30/2009)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
Better than I could have hoped for!!! Review by JAE
I bought 10 trees less than a year ago, I was amazed at how healthy and how fast they grew already. My friends call them the majic trees. So I just bought 20 more and they were bigger and better than the last shipment. Can't wait to watch them grow overnight. :) Keep up the great service, I still have 25% more of my yard to line with Thuja's. Will be back back in the fall. Thanks again. (Posted on 11/16/2009)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
Thuja Green Giants Review by Chris Sims
I am very pleased with the trees I received. They are very healthy trees and exactly as advertised. I will defintely order from AnythingGreen in the future. Many times quality doesn't live up to advertisement, not the case here. Way to go AnythingGreen. (Posted on 11/16/2009)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
Great internet seller! Review by -
I ordered over 200 green giants and they arrived in perfect healthy condition. I will definetly buy again. Thanks all! (Posted on 11/16/2009)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
Like a charm! Review by Victor Klein
Received them in small pots but it was still too cold to plant them. Moved them to 6" pots, set all of them on shelves in front of sliding glass doors and 2 months later planted them. Worked like a charm. The little trees were very hardy. (Posted on 11/16/2009)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
Couldn't be more pleased! From VA Review by sb
Even though we ordered these little trees a bit late (in October), the 90 that we planted did extremely well. We lost only 2 trees over a harsh winter, and one of those was pulled up by a deer! We planted and tended them exactly as recommended and they are thriving. They trees were packed well and shipped promptly, and even arrived still moist. We are very pleased with our purchase and are buying more! Great company to do business with. (Posted on 11/16/2009)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
My Trees are doing great. Review by islanderpb
My Trees are doing great . You can not over water for the first month . If they grow in this clay they will grow anywhere. Thanks folks (Posted on 11/16/2009)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
Great trees Review by David
I received order. Trees where plenty moist when delivered. They have been
planted. Great doing business with you. If these grow alright. I expect to
order some more in early fall.
(Posted on 11/9/2009)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
Moist & Green & Gorgeous! Review by Darrel C.
The Thuja Green Giants arrived moist & green & gorgeous ! Can't wait to watch them grow ! (Posted on 11/9/2009)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
Completely Satisfied! Review by Brenda
I did receive my order and completely satisfied. I received exactly the way
described and fast...the following week.

I referred my neighbor to your website and I believe he place an order this
week as well for the Thuja Green Giants.

Appreciate the kindness when I called and spoke with your father, very nice
man and proud. Thank you, I'll probably be ordering more Thuja's but
waiting for the larger size to be available...I'll keep an eye on your site. (Posted on 11/9/2009)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
Couldn't be happier. Review by Brett
I couldn't be happier with the thuja green giants that I ordered from They arrived at the time I estimated they would get here and the packaging of the trees was great. So far all 25 trees are in the ground and looking very healthy. I will definately order again from this company in the near future. I wish I would've ordered more to begin with =] (Posted on 11/9/2009)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
100% Satisfied Review by Mark
I am totally 100% satisfied. Even though I purchased items on line the
communication was great.With an e-mail order confirmation and then a
tracking e-mail.And lets not forget, the trees,which were in excellent
condition when they arrived.They shipped on Tuesday and arrived on Friday
and I'm in New Jersey.I ordered 50 Thuja green giants and upon arrival they
were packed beautifully, very hardy, nice and moist and ready to put in the
ground. I got right to it and first thing Saturday morning started to plant
them. The instructions on the flip side of the invoice were very helpful
although they were also on your website too. I dug my holes using a post
hole digger, prepared the soil using some lime and slow release fertilizer
and had my mulch ready to go to complete the planting. I must say, I haven't
seen trees this healthy and hardy looking at nursery's right here in my own
state and their price is a joke compared to what I paid at AnythingGreen.
Today is actually one week later that I planted them. I watered them about 3
times this past week and their looking pretty darn good. After planting my
only concern was that they take. Following your planting instructions I
believe I'm in pretty good shape. All 50 look good and I actually see some
new growth on quite a few of them. I definitely am going to purchase other
products from you after this my first purchase. I am very pleased with
everything about the order. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. (Posted on 11/9/2009)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
Very Satisfied! Review by Kathy
Very satisfied! The Thuja Green Giants look healthy and are doing well. I bought some from you last year, too, that are healthy and beautiful! Thank you! (Posted on 11/9/2009)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
Prompt and in great condition. Review by Jerry and Maryanne
I just wanted to thank you for our recent order. I appreciate you working with us on modifying the order and getting the trees to us so quickly. We received our trees promptly and in great condition! (Posted on 11/9/2009)
Thuja 'Green Giant'
3rd year thujas Review by p stamm from wauseon, OH United States
I got my green giants from this company 3 yrs ago. Over 100 of them and only lost 1. They are doing wonderful over 9 ft. tall now. This company had the best price and thier service was great. It was my 1st internet order and I was a little (real) leary of what might happen. Talked to your dad on the phone and he assurred me everything would be o.k. Tell all my friends that I got them over the internet and they are amazed!! THANK YOU ANYTHING GREEN for being so honest. (Posted on 8/19/2009)

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