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Evergreen Trees

Evergreen trees never lose their leaves and stay green all year round. These are our best privacy trees at the best price on the net.

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  1. Thuja Green Giant Trees

    Thuja 'Green Giant'

    The Thuja 'Green Giant' grows extremely quickly growing up to 3-5 feet per year.  It's a hardy plant that works in many locations.  If you have neighbors you want to block out the Thuja 'Green Giant' is the privacy tree of choice. Many people also use it to reduce noise and wind.

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  2. Leyland Cypress Trees

    Leyland Cypress Trees

    Leyland Cypress Trees, A fast growing privacy trees.

    Known for its fast growth rate of around 3 feet per year, the Leyland Cypress Tree is perfect for those searching for privacy or nice property line barrier. Leyland Cypress is a hardy plant that grows to be up to 35-40 feet tall.

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  3. Carolina Sapphire

    Carolina Sapphire

    The Carolina Saphire is a fast growing conifer with a blue-grey color. It grows up to 3 to 5 feet per year and will mature at 40 feet tall. We recommend planting them 5 feet apart for a quick privacy fence.
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  4. Burkii Eastern Red Cedar

    Burkii Eastern Red Cedar

    Similar to the Carolina Sapphire, the Burkii Eastern Red Cedar is a durable, adaptable juniper that serves well as a windbreaker or vertical addition to any landscape.
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  5. Pyramidalis Arborvitae

    Pyramidalis Arborvitae

    Arborvitae Pyramidalis aka pyramidal arborvitae is a tall and slim evergreen tree commonly used as a privacy fence.
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  6. Nellie R. Stevens with red berries.

    Nellie R. Stevens Holly

    The Nellie R. Stevens is a hybrid shrub most recognizable for its bright red berries in the fall and early winter. The plant’s most popular uses are for privacy purposes and holiday décor.
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  7. Blue Ice "Arizona Cypress"

    Arizona Cypress 'Blue Ice'

    The Arizona Cypress “Blue Ice” is grown primarily for its screening and privacy abilities. This evergreen’s beautiful foliage is an eye-catcher: a blue-green tint with a snow-capped, feathery texture. This selection adds elegance to any landscape.

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  8. Adult Cyrptomeria

    Yoshino Cryptomeria

    Also known as Cryptomeria japonica, an exotic looking alternative to other evergreen privacy plants.
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  9. Magnolia 'Little Gem'

    Magnolia 'Little Gem'

    Magnolia “Little Gem” trees are great for parking lot buffer strips. They are also used as windbreak or as a screen for homes or lots. The ornamental plant also has blossoms that can perfume an entire garden.

    Recommended Planting Zones For Magnolia “Little Gem” Trees

    Zones 7, 8, 9, 10, and 10a

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  10. Degroot's Spire Arborvitae

    Degroot's Spire Arborvitae

    A dense shrub, Degroot’s Spire is usually planted as accents or hedges. Homeowners can use this plant as a boundary or a screen. The shrub is not just an ornamental plant though, it also features fragrant flowers. Recommended Planting Zones For Degroot’s Spire Zones 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
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