Caring for Leyland Cypress Trees in the Winter

It’s important to care for your Leyland Cypress Trees in the winter if you want them to have a nice long life.  In many places such as the southwestern United States drought can affect the Leyland Cypress even though it is know for being drought resistant.  If you notice your plant losing needles in the winter months we’d recommend watering around twice per month.

If you have very young plants you may sprinkle pine needles in your Leyland Cypress’ branches to help with freezing (usually do this when your temperatures are between 0-10 degrees fahrenheit).

Thuja Green Giants – Growth from 2009-2012 (9 feet in 3 years)

Thuja Green Giants in a line from J. Horton

This will be growing up soon to make a nice privacy border. They're currently at 9 feet.

We had a very nice customer update us on how his Thuja Green Giants were growing.  He get them in the ground in April 2009.  They were our 1 gallon plants (which are looking extra robust this year).    This is when his plants will be hitting their stride.  They are already 9 feet tall but will be filling out and giving him a nice border for his property very soon.  He did have one die in a spot that didn’t have any drainage..most plants just don’t like being wet all the time.  It causes root rot.

Thanks to J. Horton for the fantastic photos.

Planted in April 2009 from J. Horton

New Shipping Boxes

For the longest time we’ve been using a wax box but those don’t scale well for our larger shipments.  We’ve switched to these new double corrugated cardboard boxes.  Here are a bunch of our 1 gallon Thuja Green Giant plants packed in them!

We can fit around 30 Thuja Green Giants in these new boxes.

It’s time to plant Thuja Green Giants!

Many people think you can only plant Thuja Green Giants in the spring time but you can actually plant them in Fall as well.  Just make sure you give yourself at least a month before your first freeze.  September and October are great times to plant Thuja Green Giants.

Read our easy to follow planting instructions.

“All of them appeared to have very healthy rootballs. I followed
the planting instructions to the letter. They have been in the ground for
over a week now and I am waiting for them to straighten out. I am satisfied with my order…”

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When to plant Thuja Green Giant?

So you’re wondering. “When is the best time to plant Thuja Green Giants”. “How do I know when to plant?”

The best time to plant is in early spring, about 1-2 weeks after your last frost usually around mid april. This gives your Thuja Green Giants a head start on getting their roots settled for the summer.

Spring planting is recommended for the middle of april if you are in zones 5 or 6.

If you are in zones 7,8, or 9 you can plant from September to May of the following year!

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